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Irvine Carpet Cleaning

Irvine carpet cleaning specialists. Organic cleaning solutions.Safe for pets and children. Serving Irvine and the entire Orange County.If you’re looking for a reputable carpet cleaning company, look no further. Millennium Carpets And Flooring is located in one of Orange County most prestigious cities. We are the premier Irvine Carpet Cleaning firm and have been operating for nearly 2 decades. We strive to not only meet the expectations of our customers but exceed them as well.

Irvine Residential Carpet Cleaning

Here at Millennium we value our residential customers and as such we strive to give them the best possible and most comprehensive carpet cleaning service. Carpets require constant and thorough cleaning if they are to remain in a pristine state though a professional cleaning at one's home needn't be expensive or something only the wealthy can afford. Still residents want to have pride in their carpets and using a responsible business to do the work is essential.

We know we can fill that role but let us have this opportunity to tell you what else we can do to keep your entire home in top condition.

Do you have hardwood flooring in your home? If you do, we can clean those floors and you will be able to keep them that way by allowing us to do the hard work. Your work will be easier and if you have area rugs, we will clean them as well. Sometimes we bring the smaller rugs into our shop area, clean them and return them to you and they not only look good, they look like new.

Tile and grout cleaning is another one of our services. If your tile is dingy and dark our talented staff and state of the art equipment can restore it to a new-like state. We can do the same to your tile countertops. It’s cheaper than replacing the entire top.

Whatever your home needs are, we are willing and able to help you. We routinely work with owners whom rent their dwellings, and apartment managers/owners to ensure that their homes are clean and presentable for move in's and move out's.

Irvine Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Every single owner and manager in commercial buildings in our city realizes how important it is when their customers come into their place of business. They realize the importance of keeping their carpet clean and in top condition. A ten year old carpet can look practically new when it has been cleaned regularly by professional. That carpet is the first thing their customers see, and it speaks volumes of the quality of the business itself.

Millennium Carpets And Flooring appreciates its customers which is why we guarantee our work. Customer service and satisfaction are our number one priorities and we ensure satisfaction through both outstanding results, integrity, and experience.

Organic Carpet Cleaning

Organic seems like a new word, and many don’t consider it until their customers ask for only organic cleaners to be used. We have no problem doing that to please our customers, but we believe it is important to carry organic over into our private lives as well. There are times when we question the word’s origin especially in the grocery stores. It seems customers know organic means higher prices.

At Millennium we never utilize toxic chemicals. All of our cleaning solutions are “green” and come at no additional charge to our customers. These solutions are just as effective as their toxic cousins but are safe for your home, your children, guests, and of course your pets.

Often times, laypersons erroneously believe that organic/green cleaning solutions don't have the same potency as harsher chemicals. While this was certainly true of green solutions in decades past, modern organic solutions clean just as well if not better than chemical concoctions.

So how can a DIY customer judge when they list unknown words. Caution and questions may help you in that area. The stores that sell the products should find out which words are not organic, but will they?

Cost of Hiring a Professional Irvine Carpet Cleaner

Every single job is different. Some claim that every room will only cost $25.00. That may draw customers to a business but today’s buyers are too sharp to be drawn to that cheap price. In many new homes the kitchen is connected to the dining room and the entire room includes the living room. Is that one room? Well, there are no walls separating them so technically they must be only one room.

The better professional carpet cleaners, and we include ourselves in that statement, charge by the size of the room, the age of the carpets, and if they have been cleaned regularly. Irvine Carpet Cleaning wants to gain customers so will charge reasonable prices and go overboard with our services. If your carpets are ten years old and have never been cleaned, you can expect to be charged more than the person who keeps their carpets in good repair.

Like we said before, the prices Irvine Carpet Cleaning charge are decided, in this computer age by size, age, and the condition of the carpets. Other things enter into the equation like whether wall to wall carpeting or individual area rugs.

Plus we do more than just clean your carpet. We clean your upholstered furniture, we clean and restore tile and grout, and we clean and shine hardwood floors.
Give us a chance and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Rug Doctor vs Professional

When you rent a Rug Doctor there is no guarantee way of cleaning your carpets. We guarantee our work and success. We are proud of our reputation,; something you won’t find pride in that Rug Doctor.

If we were dealing with apples and oranges, there are those that think the comparison is not fair because you’re dealing with two separate items. It’s the same with Professional and Rug Doctors and price enters into that equation as well. Sure the Rug Doctor is cheaper but the difference comes in the result both produce.

Always be cautious with the cleaning solutions that come with rental units. Many of these contain hazardous chemicals that can damage furniture and are toxic to people. Should you have any questions about the solutions you've purchased please contact us so that we can help you avoid problems. We will come to your home or office and give you an obligation free quote.

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