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Long Beach Turf Cleaning

Professional Turf Cleaning Experts in Long BeachSynthetic grass or "turf" is often associated with professional American football and miniature golf courses. While turf is indeed often used in both professional sports as well as family golf courses it used in a great number of other locations as well; yes even in homes and places of business. Quality modern turf is nearly indistinguishable from it's natural cousin and perhaps best of all, it's extremely easy to maintain and clean. While naturally occurring grass must be frequently watered, trimmed, fed, and treated for pests, turf needs none of these things. Synthetic grass isn't immune to wear and tear, the elements, and does eventually require cleaning but it's far more cost effective to have turf cleaned by a professional than it is to have one maintain real grass.

Like most other things turf will need to be cleaned on occasion if it's to be kept looking good and remain free from issues. Of course turf that sees heavy traffic from pets, children, or that, that is used commercially will require more frequently cleaning but it's always a good idea to call professionals in when the time for cleaning has come. Weekly rinsing's from homeowners will keep dirt and debris from building up but they'll want professional grade tools, chemicals, and experienced hands when things like stains and pet droppings need to be removed. It goes without saying that the aforementioned can be picked up or scrubbed by home and business owners themselves but this doesn't address the bacteria and fungus that remain behind. It is these things that cause stains and persistent odors. Without industrial grade tools these small problems can become big problems over time and eventually lead to turf needing to be replaced.

Professional turf cleaners in Long Beach can also remove things like chewing gum, blood, food and drink spills, etc. These are things that not only make turf look unkempt but can damage it as well. A professional turf cleaner will use steam cleaning, potent chemicals, soaps, and specialized tools to not only remove these things from turf but to treat those spots and in doing so, prevent further damage.

Here at Millennium Carpets And Flooring we utilize state of the art equipment as well as bio and family safe solutions to clean, restore, and protect artificial turf. Our goal is 100% satisfaction and will return to do the work at no charge should any client find themselves dissatisfied with our work. Furthermore we are licensed and bonded and will treat your turf with the same respect as we would our own.

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