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Green Carpet Cleaning

Green carpet cleaning that is safe for both your kids and pets.Green carpet cleaning is essentially professional carpet cleaning without the use of harsh chemicals that are toxic to both people and the environment. Furthermore it involves utilizing cleaning solutions that are both hypoallergenic and biodegradable. The "green" movement has its roots planted in the late 90's and has become a dominate force in not only the carpet cleaning industry but is prevalent throughout most industries today.

While Millennium Carpets And Flooring utilizes state of the art carpet cleaning hardware in both it's residential and commercial jobs, we use only those cleaning solutions that are certified green. This protects much more than the environment as both our customers and employees remain free from noxious and potentially harmful chemicals. Our goal has always been 100% customer satisfaction and by using only those cleaning solutions deemed green are we able to continue working towards that goal.

More Harm Than Good

While there is certainly something to be said about the short term efficacy of old fashioned and dangerous cleaning solutions, they actually do more harm than good. Of course there is a great deal of danger in using such chemicals in places that people frequent, especially those places where children and pets reside, but the potential for damage extends beyond people. Non-Green solutions may make your carpets look good after the first few cleanings but repeated use over time actually compromises a carpets integrity and begins breaking down and eroding fibers during their first use. Cleaning carpets using these types of chemicals severely decreases a carpets life expectancy and can lead to expensive repairs and replacements. What's the point right?

Organic Solutions

In using organic or green carpet cleaning solutions, Millennium Carpets And Flooring not only avoids introducing harmful chemicals to your children, pets, and the environment but we help protect your carpets too. Organic cleaning solutions are made not only to clean and remove stubborn debris but to protect as well. These solutions leave behind a protective barrier that not only helps keep carpets clean in between professional visits but that help preserve their integrity as well. Green cleaning solutions can be used repeatedly and frequently without any risk to your carpets nor your body.

Toxic Soup

It's quite a simple thing to claim that standard and retail cleaning solutions carry risk with their usage but it's another thing altogether to explain just how these chemicals affect their users, their families, and the environment. The vast majority of these cleaning solutions use a toxic soup that is not only dangerous to the touch but can burn airways with the fumes and residue they leave behind. Chemicals such as perchloroethylene, which is an agent added to assist with quick drying, has been shown to induce nausea, dizziness, and fatigue in those whom come in contact with it. Perchloroethylene has also been shown to negatively impact the kidneys and even cause liver damage with repeated contact. Naphthalene is another toxic and dangerous chemical found in retail carpet cleaning solutions. It is manufactured from tar and is used to eradicate stubborn dirt accumulations. While it's use is highly effective this chemical is potentially carcinogenic and has been shown to affect the nervous system in both people and pets. Other chemicals include variants of ethanol which damages both the kidneys and the nervous system. If the aforementioned chemicals are doing these things to the human body, imagine what they're doing to your carpets.