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By | May 30, 2018

Long Beach carpet cleaners at Millennium Carpets and Flooring offer an affordable service that is safe for both kids and pets. 100% Green Cleaning!Carpets are a major part of any home or office to which they belong. Furthermore, carpets not only add ambiance to homes and offices but they can also add life to an otherwise dull room. Being so important, you’d think that people clean their carpeting frequently though this just isn’t the case. Unfortunately people do little more than vacuum their carpets simply because they don’t have the time nor the energy after a long day or week to give their carpets the type of love and care that they need and deserve.

Carpeting can indeed be kept up and semi-healthy by picking up after yourself, your children, and your pets along with vacuuming a few times a week. If you want to get the most of our your carpet and want it to look great for the entirety of it’s life however, your carpeting will need to be cleaned professionally, at the very least, on a semi regular basis. Professional carpet cleaning goes far beyond what the layperson does themselves and produces results that are unattainable without industrial grade tools, cleaners, and years of prior experience. More to the point, professional carpet cleaners not only clean your flooring but their treat it with chemicals which protect it from both further buildup and wear and tear.

There are a great many persons who take a good long look at their carpet and ultimately decide that they are simply going to replace what looks to be old, worn, and irreparable flooring. In the vast number of these scenarios, these individuals can save themselves a ton of time, hassles, and most of all..money by contacting a professional Long Beach carpet cleaner. Carpeting can be very expensive to replace and the majority of the time when carpeting looks like it is in need of replacement, all it actually needs is a good thorough cleaning.

Quotes are always free and there is no obligation to book us so before you jump the gun and run out to replace your carpet or give in altogether and throw in the towel give your local Long Beach Carpet Cleaning Team a call.

What are the benefits of Long Beach carpet cleaning?

There are a number of benefits to having your carpet cleaned by professionals; some obvious, some a little more esoteric.

  • Time Saved – Cleaning carpeting takes time, a lot of time. The do-it-yourself-er adds hours onto his or her work simply because they don’t have access to the types of tools and cleaning solutions that professionals do. On average the layperson might spend an entire day cleaning the carpeting in just one room. Professional carpet cleaners work quickly and can complete an entire home in a matter of hours.
  • End Results – Perhaps ever worse than spending 6 hours cleaning just one room’s carpet is spending 6 laborious and sweaty hours cleaning only to be less than satisfied with the results when you finish. Far too many people experience this no matter how much elbow grease they put into their work. Conversely, professional carpet cleaners bring with them to the job, industrial strength tools and chemicals. More than that however they bring years and even decades of experience with them. Professional cleaners have seen it all and know how to deal with even the most stubborn of stains, spills, dirt, debris, etc. When a professional finishes cleaning carpet it looks like new.
  • Saving You Money – Most people operate under the erroneous belief that they’ll save themselves a great deal of money by cleaning their carpets themselves. While it’s hard to fault anyone who believes that, the truth of the matter is that attempting to clean carpets yourself is almost always more costly than it is to call a professional. The vast majority of professional carpet cleaners are inexpensive and charge both flat fees and by the size of a room or home. Do-it-yourselfers not only have to rent an ineffective carpet cleaner from their local retail store but they’ve also got to purchase cleaning agents as well. It’s not uncommon for some people to return their rentals out of frustration only to rent a second one in hopes of having better luck. Costs add up quickly but hiring a professional is much more affordable.
  • The Safety Aspect – No one thinks they’re going to sustain an injury while attempting to clean their carpeting but it does happen. It’s not uncommon for laypersons to incur burns, lacerations, and even fall while doing this type of work. These injuries are almost always a result of persons not using equipment properly and working haphazardly. There’s also the safety of your carpets to consider as well. Improper cleaning or using the wrong chemicals can make matters worse, damaging carpets and necessitating the need for replacement.
  • Peace Of Mind – Knowing that you don’t have to clean your carpeting and that, that task is left in the capable and experienced hands of a professional should give anyone whom utilizes a professional window cleaner great peace of mind.

Who needs Long Beach carpet cleaning?

The better question to ask might be, “who doesn’t need a carpet cleaner?” In all seriousness however some people will have greater need of professional carpet cleaning services than will others. Those individuals who own large homes or have big families will find professional carpet cleaning services particularly useful while owners and operators of business will absolutely need a professional to care for their offices and work spaces after hours. There are then those people who dedicate a good portion of their days to their professional lives. Having a professional clean their carpets means they get to come home to a clean home at the end of a long day. Last but not least, let’s not forget those persons whom just don’t want do any cleaning for whatever reason. Kids, school, and leisure time are all important and some people don’t give those things up without a fight. Professional carpet cleaners remove the burden of cleaning from their shoulders so that they can spend their time doing what the like.

How often should i have my carpets cleaned?

How often your carpeting needs cleaning depends on a number of different factors. If, for example, you have kids or pets and those kids have friends over on a frequent basis then you’re carpets are going to take a beating and require more frequent professional cleanings. On the other hand, if you’re single, living on your own, and don’t spend a great deal of time in your home or apartment then your carpets won’t need a professional nearly as often as the former.

Most professionals recommend that individuals have their carpets cleaned bi-annually, regardless of whether the carpets are part of a residence or a commercial building, though some commercial spaces benefit from cleaning every 3 months. You’ll need to speak with a pro cleaner first however to determine just how often your carpets need to be cleaned.

What is the process of carpet cleaning?

Professional carpet cleaning is an involved process that includes the following:

  • Vacuuming to remove lose and fresh debris.
  • Spraying carpeting to loosen deep stains, stubborn dirt, and spots.
  • Corner protectors are placed on furniture and walls to protect them from our tools.
  • Carpets are then steam cleaned with a high powered Rotovac using “green” solutions.
  • A hot water solution is added to your carpet and then removed along with all remaining issues.

What is the average cost of carpet cleaning?

Professional carpet cleaners generally charge based on the square footage of the rooms or dwellings they’re being asked to clean. 200 to 400 square feet usually costs individuals $80-$130 while larger buildings with 1000-1500 square feet usually costs anywhere from $200-$300. Costs vary from company to company but as you can see, they aren’t all that expensive.

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