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Long Beach Carpet Cleaning Services

We guarantee all of our work 100%

Cleaning floors is no easy task, even whereas professionals are concerned. Laypersons whom elect to clean their floors generally stick to the tried and true methods of picking up toys/trash and routine vacuuming and/or sweeping but ultimately shy away from the very time consuming and expensive process of deep cleaning their floors. There are exceptions to this rule however as home and business owners may undertake the task when they are prepping their property for sale, moving in/out, and when their floors have endured years or even decades of abuse.

The cost of rental carpet shampooers versus their efficacy and the readily available harsh cleaning chemicals found in retail chains is where individuals tend to run into problems. There are then the issues of the time it takes to complete the job with substandard tools as well as the demanding physical aspect of this type of work.

This is where we come in. Millennium Carpets And Flooring exists to shoulder the burdens associated with thorough floor cleaning. We utilize powerful state of the art industrial strength Rotovac units in our work as well as truck mounted units for efficiency and easy disposal. We work with both homeowners as well as those whom own and/or work in commercial buildings. We return the vibrancy to a homes carpets, rugs, and wood floors while helping businesses maintain a warm and professional presentation.

When you hire Millennium Carpets And Flooring you are getting Orange County and Long Beach's premier carpet and floor cleaning company. With customer service and satisfaction our number one goal, we adhere to strict standards of work and conduct. All of our employees are rigorously screened prior to hire and then thoroughly trained long before they are sent to clean your carpets. We give every commercial building and home the same care and respect we give our own and our owners are always on site to ensure work proceeds and completes as it should. So committed to your satisfaction are we that we GUARANTEE all of our work.

9 Reasons To Hire Millennium For Your Carpet Cleaner

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is Millennium's number one priority and we go to great lengths to ensure all of our customers are happy with both us and our work. In fact, so committed to customer satisfaction and excellence are we, that we grantee all of our work. Should a customer ever find him or herself unsatisfied with our efforts, we will return to clean your carpets and floors again at no additional cost.

In addition to guaranteeing our work, Millennium Carpets And Flooring places its owners on site at every job. Working along side our team of experts, our owners are there to ensure both quality and efficiency of work. They are also there so that home and business owners have someone with whom they can communicate. Our owners can answer any questions customers may have and address immediately any concerns that might come up.

Attentive And Precise

While there are certainly those professional carpet and floor cleaners that work rather haphazardly, Millennium Carpets And Flooring does things a bit differently. We never march into a home or professional building and begin cleaning carpets. Instead we lay protection down and around furniture and other items that might be susceptible to damage. In an effort to be as thorough and as precise as possible we also vacuum our customers floors long before we ever move onto deep cleaning or shampooing. This step eliminates loose debris and helps to loosen that which is stubborn or caked in. Spot cleaning is the next step in the process which addresses tough stains, spots, or areas where strong odors are present. Once spot cleaning has concluded that's when the Rotovacs come and give our customers floors a proper cleaning. Our thorough, careful, and detailed approach to carpet and floor cleaning is a big part of what sets us apart from our competitors. We didn't become Long Beach's premier carpet and floor cleaner by accident.

Exceeding Expectations

There are plenty of carpet and floor cleaning firms that simply show up, do their job, and leave. These companies and individuals, while doing a decent job, never do more than they need to. Doing only what is necessary might keep you afloat and your customers satisfied but at Millennium, that's simply not enough. Our commitment to exceptional carpet and floor cleaning services does not allow us to ever approach or work a job with a devil may care type of attitude. Instead we adhere to higher standards. Meeting customer expectations requires minimum effort and at Millennium we strive to exceed customer expectations, be them residential or commercial customers. We believe that through unmatched results, exceptional customer service, our guarantee, and integrity that we can build a strong rapport with our clients fostering trust and peace of mind along the way.

Protecting Your Floors

Most of the people whom hire a professional carpet and floor cleaner assume that they are getting clean floors, nothing more and nothing less. Nothing could be further from the truth however as we apply protective solutions to all of the floors we clean. This happens near the end of the cleaning process when our Rotovacs spray carpets with a specialized solution. This protective spray helps safeguard all types of flooring against dirt, helps them resist stains, and keeps debris from settling into a surface. Furthermore, this layer of protection makes floors much easier to clean the next time we visit and it keeps them looking great in the interim.

A Healthy Home And Office

The health of their home or office is another thing people don't often consider when they think of profession floor cleaning services. It's a shame too as carpet and floor cleaning services remove so much more than just "dirt". The state of the art carpet cleaning tools and solutions the pros utilize rid carpets and other types of flooring of pests you can not see, allergens, pet dander, and many other things that trigger allergies. Having professionals clean and treat your flooring twice a year can also prohibit the growth of mold which is toxic to everyone from small children to pets. Everyone breathes easier and will remain in better health when the flooring in their buildings and homes is kept clean.

A Deep Cleaning

While individuals will vacuum their carpets, sweep their hardwood floors, and sometimes give them a once over with a mop, these types of cleaning address only the surface filth of flooring. While vacuuming is certainly recommended for a variety of reasons, the bulk of what makes any type of flooring dirty and unhealthy lies deep within fibers of carpet and layers of wood. Deep cleaning a floor is a monumental task when you're not properly equipped which is why so many laypersons find themselves exhausted and disappointed at the end of the job. Millennium Carpets And Flooring uses cutting edge hardware and cleaning solutions on its customers floors. We utilize Rotovac carpet and floor cleaners, industrial grade vacuums, and specially formulated non toxic cleaning solutions that outperform those found on retail shelves.

Quick Drying

The time it takes for flooring to dry depends on a number of different factors. Thick carpeting is naturally going to require more time to dry out than will hardwood flooring. More to the point, tile and grout dry out much more quickly than do floors of the hardwood variety. Millennium uses tools that use only that liquid which is necessary to clean a floor and also removes over 90% of water post cleaning. This means that our customers floors dry out quickly, usually in a matter of hours as opposed to the days it takes when someone goes down the do-it-yourself path. Of course we can also put special fans out to assist in the drying process and if it is warm outside, windows can be opened to make the process even faster.


Millennium Carpets And Flooring values timeliness and respects the schedules of all its customers. When you hire us to clean your residential and/or commercial flooring, you can expect to be on time. Appointments are meant to negate the need for waiting and not to be a loose idea of when one might arrive. Our customers can expect us to keep our appointments, arriving on time and ready to go.

The Straight Approach

When you contact Millennium Carpets And Flooring for a free quote, that's the price you can expect to pay once work has been completed. We never use special pricing nor discounts in order to coax people into becoming customers nor will we ever attempt to sell you services your home or building doesn't need. Instead, our customers receive exactly that which they were quoted and need. More to the point we never add extra "service" fees to your final bill.


Our Services

Long Beach Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in Long Beach experience a great deal of not just foot traffic but humidity and hot temperatures as well. As such, we are here to help. Our team of professionals can remove even the most stubborn of stains/spots and return both residential and commercial carpeting to a new like state. Colors and fibers dulled by neglect and abuse will not only be restored but protected against further damage as well. We have been servicing both businesses and homeowners in Long Beach for over two decades and look forward to serving you too.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

The carpeting in a home begins its life with radiance, a soft feel under foot, and can add to and build atmospheres. As time passes however, shoes, bare feet, pets, children, as well as food and drink all contribute to a decrease in vividness and the break down of a carpets fibers. Left neglected long enough and a home's carpeting may appear irreparably damaged. While it may be tempting for homeowners to seek out new carpeting, there is rarely a need for that. Millennium's talented staff can restore the sheen and feel of a home's carpets with experience, state of the art hardware, and eco-friendly solutions. That's right, our team not only cleans your carpets but does so without the use of toxic cleaning chemicals. We'll also protect your furniture by placing plastic protectors around your belongings to keep them safe while we work to breathe life back into your carpets.

While it might be easy to think of us as merely carpet cleaners, in reality we can help prepare a home for sale, move in's/move out's, and even help tenants get their deposit back in its entirety. Let us help you make your home all it can and should be.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

First impressions are everything in business and as such a commercial building must, at all times, look and feel professional. Although the flooring off a businesses often gets overlook in favor of other things, the carpets in a place of business can be a real eyesore when they are forgotten. Moreover, the carpets in commercial buildings often endure a great deal more abuse than do those in homes making them nearly impossible to clean for anyone whom isn't a professional carpet cleaner.

Our team is comprised of experienced individuals whom know how to clean even the most problematic of carpets. Our team works quickly too as employees are dispersed throughout your place of business so that all areas can be addressed at once. This incredibly efficient way of working allows us to get in and get out with the utmost of haste. In turn this allows you to get back to the business of doing business with minimal if any downtime. We routinely clean commercial carpets both during and after traditional business hours. We believe this type of flexibility makes hiring us the sensible choice.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout can be a true thing of beauty in both homes and businesses. That is, at least until it falls into a state of neglect and/or disrepair. As tile and grout are left unattended, they both grow dull and dingy rather quickly. This is because tile and grout are porous surfaces meaning the tiny holes in them welcome debris into them with open arms. Additionally porous surfaces are notoriously difficult to clean and even more arduous to restore. So onerous is cleaning neglected tile that many persons will elect to either leave it in a shoddy state or replace it outright.

The trick to cleaning tile and grout is to clean it frequently and to do so with the right tools. At Millennium Carpets And Flooring we utilize only the best hardware and cleaning solutions. Our industrial strength tools and eco-friendly cleaning solutions not only remove any and all debris from tile and grout but help protect them as well. Our solutions apply protective coatings over tile and grout which makes them highly resistant to dirt, stains, spills, pets, etc. In this way, your tile and grout remain cleaner and much more vibrant in between professional cleanings.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood flooring adds ambiance and atmosphere to any room or building it's a part of. That said however, it also requires great care if it is to continue bolstering a home or office in such a manner. Cleaning hardwood flooring, especially properly, can be quite the undertaking. Our floor cleaning services don't just clean your hardwood floors but restore and protect them as well. Hardwood flooring should be smooth and shine at all times. Our talented staff will make restore and then preserve your flooring's sheen be them a part of your home or a part of your business.

Area Rugs

Area rugs are often used for not only decoration but in order to protect the flooring in a home or office. As such area rugs become dirty rather quickly. The dirt and debris that gathers on area rugs ranges from standard foot traffic to pet accidents and everything in between. Area rugs are built from strong fibers but left neglected and soiled they will begin to weaken and break down. Millennium Carpets And Flooring utilizes powerful Rotovac units that eradicate stains, dirt, and spots embedded in area rugs. We help business and home owners keep their area rugs looking great and increase their longevity.

Pet Stain And Odor Treatments

Owning a pet can be a very rewarding and loving experience but that doesn't mean that doing so is always sunshine and rainbows. Even the best of pets has accidents that not only soil flooring of all types but leave behind powerful odors as well. While the initial mess can be cleaned immediately stains and odors often persist and become worse over time until they consume an entire home. Our cleaning tools and solutions can remove even long sitting pet stains and odors from carpets, hardwood floors, area rugs, and all other manner of flooring. Our work can rid a home of that animal shelter smell and return it's flooring to a new like state.

Furniture And Upholstery Cleaning

As is the case with flooring, furniture and upholstery also need to be cleaned by professionals periodically if they are to remain odor free and continue looking great. Children, pets, oils, et cetera all take their toll on furniture and upholstery both in homes as well as vehicles. While furniture and upholstery can be a difficult to clean Millennium Carpets And Flooring can help. We'll not only leave your furniture and upholstery looking great but we'll complete the work quickly; saving you all of your free time.

Turf Cleaning

One could be forgiven for believing artificial grass or "turf" doesn't need cleaning or at least some sort of maintenance. While modern turf looks amazingly similar to real grass, it must be meticulously cleaned at regular intervals lest it fall into disarray. The best way to ensure your turf remains at its best is to have it cleaned by professional floor cleaners. Whether you have turf that needs no more than a little care or turf that's been soiled by great lengths of disuse we can help restore it to an impressive and usable state.


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