Comparing Professional Carpet Cleaning To DIY Methods

By | January 25, 2018

Millions of people today will clean their own carpeting. But even though they are doing things on their own they are not going to get the precision that comes with professional cleanings. In fact professional carpeting cleaning delivers a lot more in the way of options than any DIY methodology. This may sound a bit off but it’s true.

If you’re not sure about that and feel that you can clean your home just as well perhaps a few notes on the matter may assist. The following can help you understand the difference between the two solutions and how one may be better than the other.

Focusing on DIY

DIY stands for “do it yourself”. This is a solution that many people subscribe to but the methods used are limited. The most common method to clean your carpeting at home is through a vacuum. That’s not a bad thing in most cases as a vacuum cleaner can in fact clean a lot; but does it clean everything? The chances are that you’re leaving behind a lot of particles and elements that can become pushed into the sub floor and bottom of the carpeting you have.

You could use a stain remover or even try to brush things on your hand but if you do this you’ll find that the process can take a long time and could even cause some other stains to get to the surface. Either way you will be thwarted by just how much you can do on your own.

The Professional Edge

What about a professional solution? Well, when you call in a carpet cleaning company they are going to do more than just vacuum. They are going to use a professional system of cleaning that involves a special cleaning solution and high-pressure steam to clean up carpet fibers. That is more than just soaking the carpeting as they are going to add heat and other elements that will leave your carpeting looking brand new.

The price tag on this is a lot lower than you may think and you’ll find that the powerful solutions can pull carpet fibers without breaking them or causing damage to the carpeting that you have. In the end they can pull stains, clear pathogens, and eliminate dust and other allergens that you cannot get pulled through the use of vacuums and other means.

At the end of the day you’re going to find that the best solution is to work with a professional. It’s going to pay of dividends and will get you a cleaner look and feel guaranteed.


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