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Long Beach Rug Cleaning Services

Long Beach Area Rug Cleaning ExpertArea rugs can really add some personality to a room and often do double duty protecting the floor in a particular part of a room. As a result area rugs often become dirty very quickly. Families that are utilizing area rugs and have children and/or pets can attest to just how often stains, debris, spills, etc. show up. Making matters worse a great deal of area rugs are difficult to clean simply because of the abuse they endure and the materials they're made from. Many individuals will vacuum their area rugs of course and they're normally quick to attend to spills, pet accidents, etc. but these small measures really only address the symptoms of a dirty or worn area rug and not the symptoms. Some smaller area rugs might fit inside of an individual's washer and dryer and provided they are washer safe, this can do wonders for a rug. Medium and larger sized rugs however require the care of a professional carpet cleaner if they are to remain vibrant and free of odors.

What is Area Rug Cleaning?

A professional carpet cleaner not only knows how to address the very specific problems found on/in area rugs but they also possess commercial and industrial grade tools and chemical solutions. Experience and tools combined ensure that area rugs, no matter how soiled, will be restored and left looking like new. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner to address the needs of your area rugs means that you'll save yourself the hassle and frustration of having to deal with them yourself. The end results they produce are unlike anything laypersons can produce on their own with household cleaners and a positive attitude. Professional carpet cleaners also work fast and will treat your home with the same love, care, and respect that you do.

What Are the Benefits of Area Rug Cleaning?

Most of the people who elect to hire a professional carpet cleaner to help with their area rugs will do so only for the end results and/or to save time. What many individuals are unaware of however is that a professional carpet cleaner not only cleans your area rugs but will treat them with protective chemicals as well. These specialized treatments dissuade pests, help block stains, and keep area rugs cleaner in between visits from a professional. Essentially professional cleanings extend the life of an area rug by years.

Who Needs Area Rug Cleaning?

Homeowners utilizing area rugs of any size and even business owners who liven up their offices or work spaces with area rugs will benefit heavily from a professional carpet cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning extends the lives of area rugs by not only cleaning them and protecting them. This means that it will be a great deal longer before these rugs needs to be replaced and they'll look nicer for longer as well!

How Often Should I Clean My Area Rug?

Area rugs should be cleaned often though the frequency at which they receive care is really determined by the amount and type of traffic they receive. Area rugs in a seldom visited den for example might only need to be vacuumed a couple of time a week at the most. The same rugs in a living room or business environment however will undoubtedly benefit from daily vacuuming and scrubbing when stains pop up. Furthermore all area rugs should see a professional carpet cleaner on a bi-annual basis at minimum. Rugs that dirty quickly will benefit from more frequent professional cleanings while less frequented rugs will be just fine with a once a year check up.

What Is The Process Of Cleaning My Area Rug?

The first step in cleaning any area rug is to assess the needs of an individual rug. Before tools and chemicals are selected for a job a professional carpet cleaner will inspect a rug as over or under cleaning can be a detriment to any area rug. Once a professional knows what a particular rug needs they usually begin with an industrial strength vacuuming. This process not only removes a good deal of dirt from rugs but also helps to loosen some of the more stubborn things that rest in an area rug. Next, a professional will lay down a pre shampooing spay that further loosens debris, spots, and stains. Once this spray has been applied, corner protectors are added to walls and furniture so as to keep them from harm during the rigorous cleaning process. From here area rugs are normally shampooed with a Rotovac cleaner and Eco-friendly solutions. This process removes the majority of debris, stains, and odors present at the time of cleaning. Should a rug be especially dirty or wrought with other issues a professional will bring in specialized tools and cleaning solutions for scrubbing. After an area rug is thoroughly cleaned protective chemicals are applied and a hot water extraction removes all remaining problems. After all of this has been completed a rug is then simply left to dry.

What is the average cost of area rug cleaning?

The costs associated with a professional area rug cleaning are surprisingly affordable though exact prices depend largely on the size and numbers of rugs to be cleaned. For this reason we ask anyone interested in this service to contact us for a free quote. (Pick-up & delivery available)

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