Does Carpet Cleaning Take A Long Time? – A Simple Guide

By | November 16, 2017

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Many people avoid getting professional carpet cleaning because they have assumptions about the quality and time it takes to get things done. The truth of the matter is quite interesting in that you’ll find that it’s not that complex and may not take as long as you may think. In fact take into consideration a few things that you should know about carpet cleaning today.

How Big Is The House?

It’s easy to tell you that things are going to be done swiftly but how big is the house you’re going to be cleaning? This is the first major thing that you should consider. For instance it may take upwards of half an hour per a regular sized room. But it could take longer if the carpet has never been cleaned, especially if you have deep shag or you have something that prevents cleaning cycles. There’s a lot of variables to consider here but average about half an hour per room with a few extra minutes tacked on if things are a bit difficult to reach or difficult to get around.

Older Carpeting

How old is your carpeting? This plays into the factor of cleaning quite a bit. If your carpets and home are relatively old there may be an additional amount of work needed to get them free and clear of dirt, grime, and more. It’s not something that is always easily accomplished. Plus a professional is going to want to ensure that the cleaning process doesn’t break the fibers in the rug or that pulls too much on the underside of the carpeting.

Fibers Matter

Think about what carpet is made of and whether or not it’s sensitive to cleaners and chemicals. Some carpets will not take well to certain cleaning methods which is why it’s imperative to understand that expert cleaning will be needed. Natural fibers for instance may require a bit more precision to get things cleared and cleaned over others.

The Drying Process

Professional carpet cleaning usually involves steam and that could introduce moisture into the carpet that you have. That means that afterwards you’ll need to ensure that your carpets dry for at least 6 hours or so. This all depends on certain conditions. Some homes will dry faster due to natural air, ventilation in the home, and more. Others will take a little longer. Giving a good amount of time for the drying process to conclude is a good way to ensure that this gets done swiftly. In the end it can take a few hours to clean a home’s carpets and several hours for the drying process to complete.

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