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Pet Odor and Stain Removal Capet Cleaning Long Beach

Pet Stain Removal Experts Long BeachPets can be wonderful additions to a family or home. They can liven up an overly quiet home and teach children responsibility. Moreover pets bring years of love and joy into whatever family adopts them. As great as pets can be however there are drawbacks to bringing one into your home. Pet odors and stains shorten the efficacy and life of flooring, furniture, upholstery, and their dander and hair can cause allergic reactions in peoples of all ages. These things however should never discourage one from adopting and spending their lives with pets. Families and individuals interested in or already owning pets need only to have their homes professionally treated on a regular basis.

Sure, we all clean up the messes left behind by our pets and while our clean up efforts rid our homes of the initial problem, the bacteria that is responsible for your pets deposits lingers behind. If not cleaned properly these odors can become embedded in any surface they are left on. Once this happens they can multiply and begin making a home smell less than pleasant. Store bought anti-odor chemicals may help mask these odors in the early going but as time goes on they become far less effective and pet odors return after they've dried. In order to effectively combat and remove pet odors completely from a home, a home must be cleaned by professional and on a regular basis. Professional cleaners are the only people capable of staying one step ahead of your pets. Even house trained pets are constantly bringing odors and dander into the house. For this reason alone it's an excellent idea to have carpets, furniture, upholstery, and all other surfaces in your home not only cleaned by a pro but chemically treated to resist the bacteria that cause these odors to begin with.

Here at Millennium Carpets And Flooring we aren't simply content in removing pet stains. Instead we utilize special cleaning techniques that address the actual problem. Our tools and chemicals go straight to work on the bacteria and fungus' that make a home smell like a crowded kennel. For those homes with heavy odor saturation we treat not only surface area's but the padding and other sub floor levels. In doing so even the most obstinate of odors is eliminated. Our pet treatments also remove the discoloration that often accompanies pet stains. Once our work has been completed our customers can't believe at just how clean their homes smell and how much luster has been restored to their flooring, furniture, and all the other surfaces their pets use as their own.

Organic Compounds Odor Erase is safe for your pets as well as excellent at treating surface stains and odor problem areas. If your pet stains and odors are deep in the padding we recommend replacing your padding then treating your carpet. 

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