Do Pet Stain Removers Actually Work?

By | August 12, 2018

Long Beach carpet cleaning experts can help you remove all pet stains and odors from your carpet.Pet stains are interesting in that they can be quite difficult to clean, and get rid of over time. When you have a stain in a carpet or hardwood flooring, you’re going to have to act fast, or you will end up dealing with a few issues. For some people, the answer to this is to look into pet stain removers. There are a lot of solutions out there and honestly, they usually have to work with chemicals that can be quite harsh to deal with. The chemicals can cause the chemical of the stains to get removed and overtaken overall, clearing the way for a simplified cleaning option. However, not all of them work, and some of them are absolutely not going to do much.

The Chemical Options

Considering the chemical solutions, you’re going to find that they don’t seem to work quite well. They don’t work very well at all, and could end up causing a great deal of issues. The chemical options usually have a mix of chemicals that could actually smell like ammonia, or something harsh. When you clean with these, and you have cats they will end up causing problems overall. You don’t want to work with these, because they usually don’t work well.

The Enzyme Option

The other type of cleaner usually has an enzyme that helps clean the smell and eat away at the elements that make the problem come up to the surface. Now this is something that can work well and can definitely help with carpeting, and other options. The enzyme solutions have to come in contact with pet stains directly and they need to saturate the area overall. This can work well with carpeting and other options but if you have wooden flooring you may find that pet stains may get into the porous solutions and cause a great deal of issue and nothing ill get it out.

What To Do About Pet Stain Removal?

In the end the best thing to do is simple. Work with a professional to help you clean with professional means. You’ll find that pet removal can be made a lot easier if you just look into working with a pro as this will help you garner a good deal of success overall. Pet stain removal is a bit easier to manage if you simply work with a pro and they can work through the issues and see just how bad things are.

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