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By | July 24, 2018

Long Beach Upholstery CleaningFurniture is a major part of any home or office. Furniture also endures a great deal of wear and tear and can become dirty and dingy in a relatively short span of time. This is especially true of those pieces that are used by children and/or pets. Upholstery suffers the same fate as furniture, especially the upholstery in cars. With the vast majority of persons living extremely busy lives we find ourselves occupied with not only work but things like family, children, school, friends, personal pursuits, and trying to squeeze a few leisurely hours into our days. As such very few people ever give much thought to the cleanliness of their furniture or upholstery let alone dedicated any time to cleaning these things.

Cleaning furniture and upholstery can be a real bear too as any layperson who has tried will tell you. Rented retail shampooers do little more than spray hot water onto furniture and upholstery and the chemicals available at retail stores is weak and ineffective against long sitting debris, stains, spills, and odors. To properly clean furniture and upholstery you’ll need tools and chemicals built/made for the job. Buying these things however can be quite expensive and then there’s the issue of safety and how to use these things properly. These concerns and issues often lead home and business owners to hire a professional furniture and upholstery cleaner. Such persons bring all the necessary tools to the job and will also complete their work in just a fraction of the time it would take the persons whom hired them to finish. Professionals leave the furniture and upholstery they touch odor free and looking like new. The best professionals can even restore the original luster of furniture.

Benefits of Long Beach Upholstery Cleaning

There are a multitude of benefits to having your furniture and upholstery cleaned professionally. The following are just the most prevalent reasons people hire a professional.

Time – The most precious of resources is something so many of us have so little of. Even when we find ourselves with free time there aren’t too many of us whom will elect to dedicate it to the overbearing task of cleaning our furniture and upholstery. More to the point, those of us who’ve cleaned our furniture and upholstery know not only just how long the job can take but how unimpressive and unsatisfactory the results are. Professionals have the tools and experienced needed to get the job done quickly. Typically speaking, a professional cleaner can complete work throughout an entire home or office in a matter of hours rather than an entire day or weekend.

Money – Purchasing effective furniture and upholstery cleaning is very expensive. You’ll need an industrial strength Rotovac, a good vacuum, specialized pre-cleaning sprays, and then a safe method for disposal when you’ve finished your work. Sure one can find all these things online but not only are they expensive but laypersons rarely, if ever, know what brands are best, nor the nuances between different units or types of hardware. The cost of hiring a professional to clean your furniture and upholstery is surprisingly affordable. Every company and/or individual charges differently however. While some charge by square footage others may charge by the pieces of furniture they’re being asked to clean. There are then those that will formulate estimates based on the condition of the things they’re being asked to clean. Still, some will use a combination of these things to determine the cost of the job.

Safety – It’s one thing to spend money buying the tools and solutions the professionals use but it’s a whole other ball game when they sit down and try and figure out how to apply and use these items. More often than not, there is a fair amount of risk involved in using professional tools when you’re a trained professional. When you’re a overzealous layperson unburdened by safety regulations you tend to work haphazardly. Deceptive and lackadaisical confidence can come back to bite a person. It’s not uncommon for a do-it-yourselfer to get burned, cut, and scraped when they foolishly try and utilize professional grade equipment. Less commonly but still worthy of concern, these people will also sometimes break bones and sustain other serious injury. As if injury to one’s person isn’t enough to worry about there’s also the safety of your furniture and upholstery to consider. Untrained persons often irreparably damage their belongings because they don’t know what order to work in, which tools are safe for which fabrics, and which cleaning solutions are safe for their things. Professionals know how to keep themselves and your furniture/upholstery safe while they work which is one of the biggest reasons people have for hiring them.

End Results – Home and business owners try repeatedly to clean their furniture and upholstery but find the results they produce to be less than stellar. These lackluster results can be attributed to a lack of experience, substandard tools and solutions, and simply not knowing how to use the tools they have. Professional upholstery and furniture cleaners don’t have any of these problems.

Leisure Time – Perhaps the primary reason people call a professional furniture and upholstery cleaner is so that they don’t have to do the work themselves. It’s hard work that requires both effort and knowledge of fabrics and cleaning solutions. Those whom hire professionals can spend their leisure time in front of their television set, with their children, hanging out with friends, essentially doing the thing things they love to do.

Who Needs Long Beach Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning?

Any person who might own a home or workspace with furniture and upholstery can make good use of professional cleaning services. Those with cars and children can also hire a professional to help restore their vehicle’s interior to a pristine state. Any individual whom owns pets should most definitely contact a professional upholstery and furniture cleaning as they’ll leave everything they touch odor free. Persons who entertain guests at their homes or place of business will find these types of services especially useful before guests have arrived and after they’ve left. There are then those people who value their furniture in such a way that they will go to considerable lengths to ensure their belongings survive for decades. Not only do professional furniture and upholstery cleaners do a fantastic job cleaning but they also add protective solutions to furniture and upholstery so that they remain resistant to future debris and damage.

How Often Should I Have My Long Beach Upholstery And Furniture Cleaned?

Upholstery and furniture should be professionally cleaned at least twice a year. While this is the recommendation you’ll get when speak with the pros, individual needs will undoubtedly vary. Things like frequency of use, environment, children, pets, smoke, and spills contribute to this need. Furniture in workplaces may need quarterly visits simply because these units are used 5 days a week and 8-12 hours each day. If you’re unsure of just how often your upholstery and furniture need the attention of a professional give one a call. Quotes and estimates are free and don’t obligate you to anything.

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