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By | August 16, 2018

Orange County Tile & Grout Cleaning ExpertTile can be a beautiful thing in a home or office yet left neglected, tile and it’s connective grout can dull and take on a dingy tone. Dirtied and/or neglected tile and grout can darken an otherwise bright room and make the space it occupies appear unkempt; even when the rest of the room is well cared for. Given the amount of money individuals often spend on tile for their home or office, you’d be forgiven for believing these same people would care for their flooring properly. Morosely this isn’t the case as laypersons often discover just how difficult a task it is to restore tile and it’s grout to it’s original state. Laypersons will often clean for hours at a time before they stop after realizing that their work isn’t going to produce satisfactory results.

It’s not often something home and business owners think about when it comes to cleaning but there does actually exist professional tile and grout cleaning services. These services often exist under a larger cleaning services umbrella and are sometimes included as part of a comprehensive cleaning service. Of course, tile and grout cleaning services are offered a la carte as well. Regardless of how you get them, they work wonders for your flooring as well as the home, office, or work space it occupies.

Benefits of Long Beach Tile And Grout Cleaning

The benefits of professional tile and grout cleaning are many. The following are just a few of the more important and popular benefits.

  • Saving Time: Cleaning one’s own tile and grout is nothing short of a laborious task. Even with the proper tools and knowledge, restoring tile and grout to a presentable state is tough work that takes considerable time. Undertaking the job yourself may mean days worth of work instead of hours it usually takes professionals to do the job. If you’re thinking of cleaning your own tile and grout ask yourself, “Wouldn’t you rather spend your free time doing something else?” When you hire a professional tile and grout cleaner you can spend your leisure time…well, being leisurely.
  • Results, Results, Results!: It happens often, more often than it should. Homeowners and those who own commercial buildings believe that they can produce the same type of results they’d get from a tile and grout cleaning service. This line of erroneous thinking and action often results in headaches, frustration, and some choice vocabulary. The simple truth is that laypersons can not produce the same type of results that professionals do for several reasons. Professionals utilize industrial strength tools, chemicals, and have years of experience behind them. When they’re done cleaning a floor tile and grout look as though they were recently installed.
  • Saving A Buck Or Two: Another common misconception in the tile and grout cleaning industry is that services are expensive and cater only to those whom are financially comfortable. Nothing could be further from the truth however. When you factor in all the money laypersons will spend on tools for the job, not to mention they amount of time they’ll spend, hiring a professional cleaner to give your tile and grout a little TLC turns out to be less expensive. The pro’s usually charge by square footage though some may also charge more for tile and grout that is exceptionally filthy. Having tile and grout restored via a professional cleaning service is also a great deal more affordable than is replacing tiles.
  • An Issue Of Time: Given how busy and tired most individuals are you’d think that more of them would hire professional help when their tile and grout are in need of a thorough cleaning. Many of us spend at least a little time fantasizing about what we’d do if we didn’t have so much work to do, so many responsibilities to take care of. Before one begins cleaning their tile and grout on their own they should consider the large amount of their free they’ll consume in doing so. After work, school, spouses, children, friends, most people want to engage in extracurricular pursuits or follow their passions. Other may just want to spend time relaxing with friends, sit and watch the big game, or even sleep their down time away. When you hire a professional to clean your tile and grout, you can make better use of your free time.

What Is The Long Beach Tile And Grout Cleaning Process?

Smart professional cleaners approach tile and grout cleaning with a basic plan. This plan includes the following:

  • Vacuum – Although some individuals may not think to vacuum their hard type flooring doing so loosens stubborn debris and picks up surface dust and dirt. We vacuum all tile and grout to prep it for the next phase of cleaning.
  • Apply Cleaning Solution – In cleaning tile and grout the second step involves the application of a cleaning solution. This specially formulated and potent solution is sprayed all over your tile and grout until it’s properly saturated. This spray loosens all of the debris that stains and sticks to tile and grout. After allowing this solution to soak for a few minutes we move onto the next step.
  • Protect Your Walls And Furniture – The third step in this process involves protecting both your walls and your furniture. Heavy duty plastic protectors are places around your walls/furniture. These protectors prevent both our tools and our bodies from damaging your home, office, and your belongings. We leave these little units in place until we’ve completed our work.
  • Bringing In The Big Guns – At this point in the process, professionals bring in their heavy artillery. A Hydro Force Cleaner and eco-friendly cleaning solutions are used to scrub and clean both tile and grout. This fourth step pulls up 90% of everything that dampens and darkens tile. This step can last anywhere from a matter of minutes to a good deal more time depending on the condition your tile is in when the professional starts his/her work.
  • Hand Scrubbing – Whether or not the Hydro Force cleaner pulls up and removes all debris, professionals next hand scrub all grout lines not only to ensure they’ve been properly cleaned but to ensure that it’s left looking like new at the end of the process. The hand scrubbing is done using special wired brushes made solely for grout cleaning.
  • Muy Caliente! – In case you didn’t know, that’s Spanish for “very hot” and describes the next step in this process. An extremely hot water solution is applied to your tile and grout and is then extracted with a powerful tool. Although your tile and grout are indeed clean once this step has been completed, it’s not the final step in the process.
  • Signed, Sealed, and Delivered – The final step in the grout and tile cleaning process involves the application of an exceptional sealant. This sealant not only helps keep your tile and grout cleaner in between visits from a professional but it retards damage and things like spills and stains as well. Once the sealant dries your floor is ready to impress.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Equipment

The Hydro Force Hard Surface Tools

Hydro Force Hard Surface Tools are industrial grade pieces of hardware that are trusted throughout the entire cleaning industry. These advanced cleaning tools are designed to rid all types of hard flooring of the debris and filth that can plague them. The company’s “AR51S” is considered a cleaning monster by industry professionals and is brought in when tile and grout has extraordinary issues. In most cases however professionals will utilize the “SX-12 Hydro Blaster’ to get your flooring clean. This unit blasts soil and dirt from tile, grout, as well as all other smooth and rough surfaces. The rotary arm on this unit spins generating an amazing soil blasting power working at 700 to 2,000 psi while the vacuum port picks up all the waste. Everything produced under the Hydro Force umbrella is designed to deliver impressive results.

Cleaning Solutions

Professional tile and grout cleaners understand just how dangerous and irresponsible harsh and old fashioned cleaning solutions can be and as such non-toxic biodegradable/hypoallergenic cleaning solutions have become the industry standard. This means that when you have your tile and grout professionally cleaned it’ll be safe for pets and children to walk and play on them immediately following their cleaning. It also means that having your flooring cleaned no longer means damaging the environment with dangerous chemicals.

Miscellaneous Cleaning Tools

In addition to the aforementioned tile and grout cleaning tools, professionals will make use of a number of smaller yet equally important tools. There are truck mounted tools for disposal of course as are there handheld tools for the most stubborn of flooring. Some of these include tooth brush sized scrubbers, soft dry cloths that prevent streaking and spotting, and of course industrial grade Rotovacs that essentially prep flooring for a deep clean.

What Are You Waiting For?

There are a number of reasons persons in need of a professional tile and grout cleaner never contact or hire one. These reasons include, “It’s too expensive”, “I don’t really need one”, and of course the ever popular “My floor isn’t that bad”. These are all bad reasons to abstain from contacting and hiring a professional. Moreover they’re all wrong…every single one. Professional tile and grout cleaners are inexpensive when you compare their services to the cost of tile and grout replacement as well as neglecting your flooring.

Here at Millennium Carpet Cleaning we not only want to help you keep your tile and grout clean but we want put to rest any questions or concerns you might have about the tile and grout cleaning process, it’s costs, and the frequency at which you might need our services. We work with both residential and commercial level clients and help all of them impress with their flooring. Not only do we treat each home and commercial building with the same care we would our own but we place an owner at every job site for both your peace of mind and to ensure our high standards for work are met every time. Let us help you create and maintain a warm environment in which to live and work!

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