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By | July 27, 2019

Chances are you’ve already tried the ‘do it yourself’ cleaners and you’ve probably found that it takes more than a simple cut and dried effort. Those cleaners you’ve seen at the local market promise the world. Just getting them into your home requires a strong arm and if your vehicle is smaller than most, you may want to find your kid’s wagon to pull it home. Not a good idea if you live, like most of us, a good distance from the store.

But go ahead and get your neighbor to put it into the back of his new pickup. Be careful and get something to hold it in place and keep it from scratching that new paint. You sure don’t want those chemicals to spill and remove the paint. If they’re strong enough to peel paint, you may not want to take them to your home.

Or what if that neighbor has a carpet cleaning machine. Could you borrow it and if it is also new, don’t damage it in any way. Chip the paint, ruin the brushes while trying to get that pet pee out of your carpet. If all that happens and even more, you may end up buying your neighbor a new carpet cleaning machine.

Research And Peace Of Mind

Are you still having problems about hiring a company to do the job? You’ve probably heard the horror stories and they probably charge an arm and a leg, then do a lousy job and damage the carpet beyond repair. What if they didn’t cover your furniture and splash that cleaning stuff everywhere, so much so they now have to clean the furniture and they’ll expect you to pay for that as well.

What about doing a little research yourself. What type of cleaning product will you need for all the spots, whether pee, oil, red wine stains, spaghetti sauce, beer, bleach, soap, mud, grass, or whatever? The list goes on and on. It’s important for you to know the material that they used in making the carpet. Do you remember or did you ever know? It may be wool, nylon, or some type of synthetic fabrics. Was it made in China or Viet Nam or Peru? No, they get avocados from Peru, not carpeting, wood or tile.

Wood Flooring

Or what about your wood floors? What type of wood? Or is it tile that looks like wood? Don’t forget the tile and the grout. Who in their right mind would install white tile and white grout in more than one room? Was it you? Now you know you should have picked a different color grout at least. The porous tile should be easy to clean . . . but is it?

Getting Started

When you call our phone number, listed at the top of this page, we will send our estimator to your home at a time convenient for you. He will give you a free written estimate of the amount, the first day we will start your job and how long to the approximate finish time, whether hours or days. He will help you make the necessary decisions for one room or your entire home.

We guarantee our work and promise you the most accurate times and cost. When we promise to be at your home by the time we prearranged ahead of time and if for any reason we can’t meet that time, you will receive a telephone call, apologizing and setting up another time. You are the customer and we aim to please. That may sound quaint, but that is our motto, and we live by our word.

If you’re still not convinced and you may be a bit fearful making that final call to a person you don’t know, let us help you decide. It really isn’t difficult and the following suggestions will help you to find a reputable business.

  1. Ask to see their license. Make sure the number is printed on their business contract, or business card. The State Licensing Board will show that the license is current. Check with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints against the company.
  2. Ask for references and telephone numbers of former customers and check them out.
  3. If the business is large enough to have employees, do they hire Self-Employed Contractors? If so, you should receive final paperwork that they were paid.
  4. Do they guarantee their work in writing?
  5. Do their employees have the necessary knowledge and skill to do the work?
  6. If it is a large job and will take more than one day for completion, you should pay only 10% of the total bill, and make payments as each part of the job is completed.
  7. For larger jobs, you should be given the exact day and time they will begin the work, and an approximate time to finish it.

In smaller jobs you may not need to do all of the above. But at least check their license. Too many companies are there to rake in the bucks. We are proud of our reputation and strive for satisfaction for our customers and look for repeat business.

We have special reduced prices for those who need our services on a regular basis. We are under contract to owners of homes and businesses for those who rent homes and apartments and require the highest efficiency to prepare them for new occupants.

We are prepared to meet your needs in the cleaning business. Even in times of difficulty when floods and/or fire damage your property. When you need help during these difficult times, please contact us and we will be there for you. We have the cleaning solutions and we know how to put them to use.
You will be back up and running within the shortest amount of time. You will think it was a miracle when in fact it was not just hard work, but the knowledge to get it done.

Let us work for you, let us show you what we can accomplish with skill and professionalism. We are proud of our work ethics. Something that seems to be missing in most of our lives. Please call us, and thank you for your consideration.

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