Does Green Carpet Cleaners Get the Job Done?

By | July 28, 2019

How many times have you gone to the local drug store to search for a medicine that claims to be similar to your expensive prescription? You look for the meds that say ‘compare to’ your prescription. Do you wonder if it is in fact the same or could it be a weaker brand and not work as well as your prescription.

Have you ever done the same as you prepare to purchase a carpet cleaner, or hire the work done by professionals? Probably not, but possibly you should. So back to our question, ‘Do green carpet cleaners get the job done? That’s a question that many traditional carpet cleaners ask. Many still use the harsh chemicals, and when you check with the United States Centers for Disease Control, you’ll find their claims of many health hazards.

Scary products that should cause the home owner to question the local business before the signature is required on that proverbial line. According to the USCDC the hazards may cause fatigue, dizziness, and if you inhale them they may cause nausea. If you ingest them, they may cause kidney damage. Now why on earth would anyone do that? When you read that many ‘mays’ check out another product.

Professional And Green

Your best bet is to hire a reputable company. Someone who is knowledgeable about the products they use, and has been around even before the ‘new green’ popularity. What does new green mean anyway?

According to Wikipedia, the New Green Deal & GMD is a proposed United States economic stimulus package that aims to address climate change and economic inequality. Now does that even speak to our question about the new Green Carpet Cleaners?

The green carpet cleaning companies, and that includes us, are very serious that our product is environmentally friendly and we use natural products that have been effective for hundreds of years. Yes, we said hundreds. Our products will not have the same effect on our customers as the harsh chemicals that may clean faster, but leave lingering odors or those other problems listed above. That may be the least of your problems.

Doing It Yourself

Many people choose to go the ‘Do It Yourselfers’ route, and that may work for you as well. You can look at the labels, but many of the listed products are not familiar to anyone, so you may be left in the lurch before you even begin. Many of the shelf products will work on one stain, but not another. One thing you have to avoid in the DIY is to avoid soaking your carpet and pad. That could cause mold and mold will not just go away, but will need treatment or replacement. So be cautious in your purchases.

Green And Clean

Today not only politicians use green as a saleable item, but carpet cleaners are claiming the use of green products, and they claim new ways of getting the job done. Just ask that environmentally-friendly company which products they use in their cleaning process. If they don’t know, then possibly you need to go elsewhere.

There have been major changes in floors at home and businesses. Wall to wall carpets were popular in the 1960’s, but in today’s world many prefer wood or tile floors that are covered by area rugs. Those rugs probably have more wear and misuse than those wall to walls. If you hire a company to clean the area rugs, they may prefer to pick them up and deliver them back to you clean as new. Others will clean them on your floors, or even on your garage floor.

We prefer to do the cleaning in your home and there will be no questions regarding our products or machines. We will not soak your rugs. The larger area rugs need to be cleaned in your home and when we start in the morning, your rugs will be clean and dry within hours instead of days. The smaller rugs will be open for discussion, but no rug will be left undone.

One question besides the quality of their products, how would difficult stains be handled? Do your products and machines clean without having to apply the products two or three times before results are achieved?

The ideal solution would be to hire a reputable company to come in on a regular basis and allow them to clean the rugs. Regular visits by professionals will keep them just the way you want them. Keeping the grime off your purchases will give them longer life. The most important part of cleaning is to know what works and what doesn’t.

What We Do For Your Carpets

Enough of the negative. Let us explain what we can do for you. We use 100% Green Products and we know the tricks of the trade. Those weird products made from coal or other harsh chemicals may get rid of the stain, but often leaves their own problems. When someone comes along with another chemical that fights against the first will show one way or another. We stay away from the harsh chemical products.

We give discounts to those who want us to clean their floors regularly. Remember clean rugs have a longer life span and we will do the work at your convenience, even in the middle of the night.

One other factor we give to our customers is our modern machine that allows us to put the correct amount of our product onto your floor coverings. When we’re finished we won’t be putting chemicals into the gutter of your home because we don’t use them period.

We are a 100% environmentally friendly business and offer free estimates for all of your cleaning needs whether wall to wall carpeting, area rugs, upholstery, cement, tile, or any other floor coverings. About the only thing we don’t clean are your windows. So to answer that first question, YES! Our Green Carpet Cleaners will get your job done

Rest assured, we are proud of our ‘Green’ way of life and will be proud to have you as a contented customer. Just give us a call, we’re here for you.

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