Allergies And Carpets

By | June 29, 2019

Although most people attribute their allergies and the accompanying misery to the weather or a “slight cold”, the truth is that their allergies have everything to do with their carpeting and little or nothing to do with anything else. The carpets within a home or place of business see a lot of foot traffic as well as spills and pests. All of the aforementioned can trigger and heighten allergic reactions. Those who do correctly attribute their allergies to their carpets will often resort to vacuuming and perhaps a little spot cleaning though sadly, this does little more than give carpets the illusion of being allergen free and clean.

Getting Help

In order to remove allergens from your carpets you’ll need help from a professional Long Beach carpet cleaner. The alternative to a proper and thorough carpet cleaning is to replace your carpets with tile which is both extremely time consuming and expensive. Conversely speaking, hiring a professional carpet cleaner is far less expensive, incredibly affordable, and can bring you a great deal of allergy relief. Professionals utilize industrial grade vacuums, shampoo units, and even truck mounted units for maximum efficiency. They also possess the experience necessary to operate these units and produce results that will not only free your carpets of allergens but leave them looking and smelling fantastic too.

Perhaps best of all, a professional carpet cleaner will kill and rid your carpets of pests. Interlopers such as dust mites, carpet beetles, and of course those critters left behind by pets are eliminated by powerful Rotovac units, cleaning solutions, and powerful vacuums. With these pests gone the vast majority of people with indoor allergies will find tremendous relief and right away as well.

Indoor Allergy Triggers

One of the most common allergy triggers is mold though the vast majority of people never associate mold with their carpets. Try as they might, they can find no allergy relief simply because there is mold within the fibers of their carpets. Mold in carpets is deceiving because it’s often difficult to see with the naked eye. Mold can grow into individual strands of carpet and hide within its colors. It sometimes grows at the base of a carpet too making it ever the more difficult to see. A professional carpet cleaner, along with their tools and specialized cleaning solutions can eradicate mold in a matter of minutes. More to the point, the protective solutions that are applied after cleaning protects carpets from further mold growth.

Hiring The Best

The vast majority of professional carpet cleaners offer an obligation free quote so as to give their potential customers an opportunity to make an informed decision. Always be wary of those that don’t and those that operate without licensing, bonding, and insurance. While these carpet cleaners may offer the more affordable rates…there’s a reason for that. Moreover, these people/firms aren’t liable for any damage to your home or business and they may attempt to hold you responsible for injuries and damages sustained while on the job. Always ask carpet cleaners for the aforementioned information prior to hiring them. You’ll be glad you did.

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