Hardwood Flooring Damages

By | January 17, 2019

orange county hardwood floor cleaning expertsHardwood floors are a thing of beauty. They add character to the rooms in which they are installed and bring a vibrancy that’s conducive to positive atmospheres. Moreover hardwood flooring adds tremendous market value to a home. Despite there being so many positives surrounding hardwood flooring there is one major drawback. The need for constant maintenance can make owning such a floor difficult. This is especially true of those who have families, pets, or entertain guests frequently. Floors made of wood come in a variety of species and while some are sturdier and more resilient than others, all species of wood are susceptible to things like moisture, heat, temperature swings, spills, and even direct sunlight.

While minor damage such as small scratches and scuffs can be repaired by a professional hardwood floor cleaner, the more serious forms of damage demand major repairs and replacement. The following are the most common forms of major damage hardwood floors incurs.

  • Splits And Cracks – The most common form of serious damage to a hardwood floor comes in the form of splits and cracks. Cracking and splitting wood is usually a result of improper care, heat and sometimes moisture. Splits and cracks always start very small and can be repaired using some nails in the early going. Once splits and cracks become pronounced however persons have no other option but to replace that portion of their floor. Replacing damaged planks can be expensive but replacing them before cracks and splits become large enough to leave splinters in feet can stop the damage from spreading. Keeping a hardwood floor clean, dry, and in moderate temperatures can inhibit cracks and splits from occurring at all.
  • Plank Gaps – As wood expands and shrinks throughout the seasons it dries out and retains moisture which in turn causes it to become brittle. Continued expansion and contraction causes gaps to form between planks. Like splits and cracks, gaps usually start small and gradually grow until they are an eyesore. When dealing with gaps between planks it’s important to remember that unless a gap is thicker than a dime, a change of season and/or a more regulated in house environment will close the gap and return your hardwood flooring to normal. Routine cleaning of hardwood floors also helps to stymie gaps and a professional cleaner can add protective coatings to your floor to protect it from heat and moisture.
  • Buckled Planks – Buckled hardwood floors involve warped boards that lift themselves from the sub-floor they are supposed to be attached to. Buckled planks round themselves out like a rainbow and in extreme cases a banana. Buckled flooring is among the most difficult to repair and in many cases planks must be replaced. As there are a great number of things that cause hardwood flooring to buckle, it’s best to call in a professional to find the cause. Once the cause has been identified not only can the flooring be replaced but the professional can work to ensure the rest of your hardwood flooring doesn’t fall prey to the problem.
  • Cupped Hardwood Flooring – Flooring that has cupped features planks that appear to be sunken or depressed from the middle outward. The most common cause of cupping in hardwood floors is a moisture imbalance. In this imbalance there is greater humidity on the bottom of the planks than there is up top. Balanced humidity levels in the home or office are the only cure for cupping. Keep in mind however that neglected cupping may require repair.

Avoiding Repairs

Hardwood floor repairs can be both costly and time consuming. There are ways to avoid repairs and damages however. Having a professional hard wood floor cleaner tend to your flooring biannually goes a long way in not only keeping your wood floor clean but in protecting it from damage too. Left neglected, hardwood floors can fall into disrepair rather quickly. Home and business owners should also consider using area rugs and small carpets in high traffic areas to minimize the damage their hardwood floors take. Lastly, keeping temperatures both moderate and consistent can keep the wood in your floors from warping, cracking, gaping, buckling, and rotting.

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