Long Beach Turf Cleaning: How To Clean Turf Easily

By | February 28, 2018

Long Beach Turf Cleaning expertsMany people today are giving up on that natural lawn and are putting in turf. The modern turf solutions are not only going to change the way that you see your lawn, but many options won’t let anyone know that you have it in place. Turf today looks amazing and can look like the perfect lawn all without looking “fake” in any way. When you have this in place you may find that you will need to clean things overall. With pets and foot traffic your turf may be difficult to maintain a turf and keeping it looking fresh which is why you will need a bit of a helping hand in getting this cleaned up.

Do Not Use Traditional Cleaners To Clean Turf

The starting point for cleaning turf is not found with traditional cleaning tools. Do not use bleach, do not use disinfectants, and don’t spray anything on your turf. This is going to cause the fibers of your grass to diminish, discolor, and even break apart. They don’t clean the elements, they just add a scent and that’s it. You’ll need to work with specific elements that are not based on ammonia, bleach, or harsh detergents. These things don’t work well and actually cause pets to want to use the areas for their business because they sometimes smell ammonia which tells them that it’s safe to urinate. Traditional solutions will not work here. Instead you’ll need specific solutions made for turf overall.

Biosafe Sprays

You can utilize sprays that are 100% organic and are meant to help you clean your turf with relative ease. One of the most compelling of options includes Bioturf spray. This is a spray that you can apply directly to your turf. It cleans up the odors and the blades of grass that will not cause problems with your overall lawn. This is a resource that is sustainable, safe for children, pets, and will clean without any sort of issue that you will have to deal with.

Getting Professional Turf Cleaning Help

If you utilize options like Bioturf spray, and you feel that it’s not working to your liking, then it’s imperative to call in an expert. Experts can help you isolate the areas that are problematic and clean up the blades as well as any of the other elements of your lawn with ease. Cleaning your turf takes on another level when you hire someone to help you out. They will be able to isolate smells, damage, and more, as well as replace elements that cannot be cleaned.

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