Getting Marble Floors Cleaned With Ease

By | April 24, 2018

One of the most compelling flooring options that people want in their home is the often sought after but seldom used marble flooring. Marble is a luxurious element that looks amazing, can be a bit delicate, and will really make any room look amazing. Taking care of marble is not as simple as other flooring types however. Marble is strong but it can be scratched and damaged if you do not utilize the right elements overall. It’s for that simple reason why the following options are going to help with creating the right point of reference to clean up marble flooring without causing any major damage.

Daily Activity

The first thing that you should do may seem a bit much but it’s one of the top recommended things to do to ensure your floor is cleaned. If you have marble floors you’ll want to address daily maintenance by sweeping and dusting to ensure that nothing settles on the floor’s surface. This includes simple care and soft brushes. By cleaning up any dirt, dust, and debris you can ensure that your floor is not absorbing elements that can crack or cause fissures in the actual stone itself.

Never Use Acidic or Unbalanced Cleaners

Do not spray any cleanser on your marble floors. Do not just mop with water and don’t soak your floors. If there’s a spill clean things up right away and don’t let them settle. Aside from that you will want to avoid using acidic cleaners or anything that doesn’t have pH balanced elements that are specifically made for marble cleaning. If you really want to use your own cleaning solutions you can dilute dish soap however, it has to be very diluted, as it might otherwise harm your flooring.

Marble Cleansers

There are marble cleansers that you can purchase from a hardware store that can help you with getting your marble cleaned with ease. These options have their own set of instructions and they are important to follow through with. Do not soak your floor with these items and don’t use any option that is not specifically formulated for marble. You have to read the instructions and ingredients list very carefully before proceeding.

Marble is a porous stone meaning it will soak up water and cause staining and other issues. To avoid that you need only do some minor daily maintenance. Then work towards cleaning up your floor with a microfiber cloth. Again, never soak your floor and don’t use harsh cleansers at all. These will not help your marble get cleaned and cleared. A bit of minor maintenance is best, and when in doubt, a professional service may be required.

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